May 19, 2011

How NOT to Teach Your Kid How to Drive!

Back in Olden Days when baby boomers were in high school and schools had plenty of money, they taught kids how to drive in classes everyone loved to take...Drivers Ed. Usually taught by coaches and shop teachers going for the extra money. Kids learned WELL how to drive, turn and stay in their lanes, how to back up and parallel park.

Today schools are out of money and parents have to do it. Unwilling parents who are probably horrible teachers anyway.  Have you seen the new VW Jetta commercial? "Dad, can I drive?"

"As soon as we need to fill up for gas," tricks dad, knowing the fuel efficient Jetta won't need gas.

Kid realizes finally he's been tricked (cheated) out of this fun learning opportunity..

This is the WRONG WAY to teach your children and build trust.

When your kids have learners permits, make them drive ALL THE TIME.   EVERY TRIP you go on, THEY drive.  Practice, Practice Practice.  In every driving condition.

"Friday" by Rebecca Black
The better kids develop their skills with YOU, the better skills they'll have when driving with their friends!  You'll see them improve each week.
  • Get them a handbook
  • Give them an intense 6 months supervised driving with you.
  • Don't use driving for reward.  It's your job to teach and theirs to learn.
  • Keep calm, don't over-supervise.  Be patient; safe driving just takes lots of on-the-road practice.
  • Teach how to 'drive defensively'... and seat belted.
  • When ready, go on teaching treks downtown, on highway, in rain and snow.
  • Supervise a skid in an empty parking lot, and hard brake to learn how the car handles in emergencies.
  • Do it with love.  Indulge them!   Enjoy this rare special time with them!
  • And know you taught them as best you could to be safe when you're NOT there!
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