May 24, 2011

Chicken Little: Tornado Round II Wednesday

A vast swath of the United States could be hit by severe thunderstorms Tuesday, with a high risk of tornadoes in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri, forecasters are warning. 

The highest risk area for severe weather Tuesday extends from south-central Oklahoma to south-central Kansas.

155 reported dead.  0 now called missing.  (wed 6/21) 

  One is a toddler only a year and a half old, tho there is a report that child's body was identified in the city morgue.   7,000 homes are damaged in Joplin.   A Riverside police officer volunteering with a team from the KC suburb was struck by lightning Monday night during a storm in Joplin.... and he's in critical condition.  

City officials say they're moving to RECOVERY MODE for victims since no further living survivors have been found trapped in the massive rubble of several miles through the city.

There was one macabre report yesterday of two nurses at St John's hospital who, during the tornado, had gone into a room to move a patient and they were sucked out of the building by the whirlwind.( Hospital later said no staff died in the tornado.)

Toll could rise
Speaking from London, President Barack Obama said he would travel to Missouri on Sunday to meet with people whose lives have been turned upside down by the twister. He vowed to make all federal resources available for efforts to recover and rebuild.

The dramatic and stark beauty of tragedy. 
Photo Gallery from CBS St Louis 
Joplin Globe Various Stories
Joplin Globe Aerial Slide show, large photos
Joplin Globe Survivor's facebook page

Breaking:  Storms kicking up in Oklahoma have struck near Oklahoma City and east of there, causing injuries late Tuesday afternoon...and 7 reported deaths in Oklahoma and Kansas.   

Update PM: There were reports Tuesday evening of tornadoes near Dallas and Arlington where a baseball game was being played, causing evacuation of the stadium.  The same line of storms caused yet another warning briefly in hard hit Joplin Mo.

Scare tactics from staff and news service reports

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