May 3, 2011

the bin Laden kill: Every Day the Story Changes

I'm starting to wonder how the news details changed from the animation of the target exchanging gunfire outside the building with soldiers to being in his bedroom, unarmed, getting shot in the eye point blank.  Who was making up shit?  The pentagon or the reporters and animators?  Here we find out about all this real time video everybody in the Situation Room was watching at the time... and the story changes substantially every day.

Day One...he goes down fighting outside the building.  Then his wife supposedly shielding him.  And then its not his wife.  Wait.  Day Two, not a firefight... a cold execution.  We get pictures of the bedroom with the bloody rug.  Fuzzy details about him resisting.   So what's up with all these changes?

Wait... now the jokes begin, funny but....:

Oh wait... it gets better....

The 2011 version of the Zapruder film will air any night at 11.  Or will it, if it just looks like a cold execution that will piss off the arab world?   Waiting now for the conspiracy book to come out.

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