Apr 19, 2011

Where have all the Tea Partiers Gone??? TaxDay was a bust!

For the past few years, Tax Day brought massive protests sponsored and hyped by the likes of Fox News nationally and KMBZ's Darla Jaye locally.  Thousands of people marched and roudied, though peacefully with their megaphones and speeches... saying they're taxed too much.

This year, not so many.  There wasn't a protest nationally, and apparently not much locally.  Have they run out of fizz?  Have they come to realize the deficit really is about to kill the economy?  Or that the Tea Party hype was paid for in total by a couple billionaire oil barons named Koch?

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported most that drew thousands in past years drew only 2-300 this year.  Small crowds even for presidential candidate speakers. 

The signs were clear last month in Tampa when only a few hundred showed up for Ron Paul... visually obvious in this large room of mostly empty chairs.  The party that caused last year's Republican sweep of the US House seems to be the party of fewer voices.

Even in Madison Wisconsin yesterday, where Sarah Palin held her re-coming-out party after being silent for months, drew about 3,000, and most of THEM were union people counter-protesting the Tea party that drew Palin and an angry Andy Breitbart, a discredited right wing journalist who was the darling of Matt Drudge's Drudge Report.  And he WAS angry as he introduced Sarah Palin...chastising the union people who flanked and outnumbered the tea partiers in Madison.

Party's over.  Tell the Republicans to quit fearing the teabaggers who are partied out.  Congress has work to do, as soon as the yelling dies down!

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