Apr 14, 2011

Ugly FOXes Grooming the Sheeple for dinner, right there on White Wing TV!

Breeding ignorance to the sheeple since 1996!
Every once in awhile I watch FoxNews so I don't have to watch Rachel and Ed reruns.  Charles Krauthhammer looks like a Nazi on trial for loading the sheeples up on the train to Camp Kochendinner.  And that little turncoat Dick Morris looks like the predictable weasel he is.  One wonders how those people can lie out their teeth, working for der Puppetmeister, Rupert Murdock.  Every one, obedient to his party line of grooming the middle class for the Koch Brothers next dinner meal.  Saying just what Herr Murdock PAYS them to say!

Could it be said that Dick feels no reMorris about the things he tells the sheeple?

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