Apr 1, 2011

Trump Video: Today's crazy GOP is even Freaking out TALK RADIO!

I watched two of Fox News hot chicks last night nailing the unaware number-one talk show artist Bill O'Reilly.  Yup,  think the established talk types (like O'Reilly and Limbaugh and others) have over-extended themselves on Planned Parenthood...as they try appealing to the Tea Party, mainstream GOP supporters.  America wants NO PART OF IT, as it turns out!  Definitely not today's women even if they're Fauxy.

Trump on O'Reilly: Nail the Chinese!

MSNBC focuses on his birther publicity in an interview designed to embarrass him and FOX, but Bill O'Reilly next day lands on the good topic and one-UPS MSNBC.

Jobs.  To O'Reilly's surprise, publicity seeker Donald Trump goes against the Libertarian GOP rules on corporate job exporters.  Saying time is running out, he suggests a 25 percent IMPORT TAX on Chinese goods until they float their currency.  Trump thinks the Chinese will float just on the threat of a big tariff, but who knows?  No matter, prices at Walmart would jump and the markets would freak unpredictably a the prospect of much higher imported good prices!

Anyway, a 25 percent import tax would bring us INFLATION from HELL during the interim when US manufacturing wakes up and takes our jobs back from China!  We waited far too long and now shunning China will be costly for we're used to cheap prices!

Trump is NOT a laissez faire corporate advocate.  He'd even tax corporations more fairly, after noting  MSNBC's owner, GE paid no taxes.  Faux was probably surprised O'Reilly agreed that was wrong, and Trump came up with a different, anti free-market solution.  TAX EM, he said!    THAT must have freaked out Fox economists because O'Reilly didn't follow the party line and admits Trump's out there all by himself.  The GOP recently fought hard, and successfully to protect a tax cut for America's most wealthy as part of an overall tax cut for everyone.

Maybe we need to quit buying shit for awhile.  Start MAKING shit again!    Leave it to Bill O'Reilly, mister number one to ask the right question if he's allowed to.    Are you taking notes, MSNBC?

I'm gonna have to make O'Reilly part of my political after-dinner diet.  Trump?  No chance the GOP would have him be a real candidate for President 2012.

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