Apr 11, 2011

Republicans bluff Kamakazi--- to vote against raising the debt ceiling will destroy them

Lets face it, if the Republicans would throw such a tantrum as to vote against increasing the debt ceiling... causing higher interest rates, credit default, non-payment to soldiers and social security recipients... well Americans would vote them all out office ---- so they'd no longer exist as a political party.

Empty threat.  Even tea partiers --many of whom are on social security themselves--can't afford to play chicken with the US economy.  But fine... let them force the republicans to squirm for awhile.  The GOP's been sucking up to them for a year... let them pay the price in anxiety and give Speaker Boehner's stomach some nasty ulcers.

FACT IS, government can't afford to use a machete on the budget...it's a jobs killer and it's political suicide!   And they know it!  Cheap bluff.

Still, the question is, no matter how much the cuts are, what ARE they?  Or does anyone even know what's been cut besides a high speed train?  Do people not realize that government spending creates jobs and cuts cause unemployment?

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