Apr 6, 2011

Republican lesson on a KCMO election.

So KCMO's willing to pay a full one percent for good city services. Two to one.  (Well probably a third of the voters either work or are married to those whose paychecks depend on it.) 

So, will Republicans in DC who claim they have a mandate to cut, cut, cut discover they've misread that 2010 vote??   Maybe the Republican sweep wasn't really the result of real Tea Party demands to cut government. Maybe they just voted GOP because Corporate America spent kaZILLIONS on attack ads against Democrats and also, they just can't stand that nigger in the White House.

Maybe the Republicans know this and are just bullying us while they have a chance. I think there's a lot of BUYERS REMORSE in the states...lots of people are very unhappy they voted Republican after watching them trying to cut Medicare & Medicaid for grandma, Planned Parenthood, and raise Social Security ceilings... yet cutting taxes for oil companies and billionaires!

I think Republicans will pay dearly in 2012 for that fast one! Americans are finally starting to realize Republicans want HEAVY HANDED government on regular folks...but only LOW REGULATION on CORPORATIONS and the rich.  Obama... the smartest president we've had in decades... will easily win a second term if the economy keeps slowly improving and Republicans keep tripping on their own feet.

And the more Americans spend on health insurance and get less and less benefits, the more this "OBAMACARE" reform will look good despite the GOP propaganda trashing it.  Moreover, it doesn't matter who takes your money -- corporations or government.  The end result is that it's GONE!

If the Dems can distract the white wing sheep long enough from Fox News to convince them of these facts, the GOP and their corporate owners will be political HISTORY!

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