Apr 25, 2011

MSNBC Dresses Rush Down Hard for Misquoting Jesus

Finally someone put the Christians on notice to suggest you can't keep your fortunes and legitimately call yourself a Christian.  The occasion was Rush Limbaugh's radio rant today, incorrectly suggesting that Jesus would 'TAKE NOTHING' from believers.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell spared no airtime and did an incredible job in quoting Jesus at length on what Jesus would 'TAKE.'   

Correcting Rush, saying Jesus would take "EVERYTHING", suggesting from Luke that a wealthy man has a very hard time getting into Heaven by keeping all his stuff.  I'll not get into the quotes for Christians know them well, and surely struggle justifying His Words in today's materialistic society.

Of course this is the problem for Christians justifying how they follow Jesus while also taking the political Republican, Ayn Rand view of selfishness, of keeping to oneself what one has 'earned'.   

It's my view that to be a Christian Republican is the highest of hypocrisy-- for Republicanism isn't about gay marriage and abortion and women's rights at all.  It's about Capitalism!  Plain and simple.  All the rest is just to get you to go along with them on election day.   Don't kid yourself.  It's only about the money.

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