Apr 16, 2011

Koch Brothers cozy up with the Religious right for a GOP win in 2012

2012 Winning Strategy: Religion and the Right (Redeux)?

(Alternet) -April 15, 2011   Jesus apparently is a fiscal conservative. Make that a tax-cut-loving, labor-union-busting, supply-side fiscal conservative. How else to explain the presence of Tim Phillips, president of the Koch-funded Tea Party group, Americans for Prosperity, as a presenter at the Awakening conference sponsored by the religious-right group, Freedom Federation?
Now effectively in the employ of the libertarian David Koch, who founded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and chairs the board of its foundation, Phillips has deep ties to the evangelical Right, most notably with Ralph Reed, former director of the Rev. Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition.  Reed now heads a new entity, the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Reed and Phillips go way back. 

Now, it seems Phillips is partnered with Reed and other Religious Right leaders in a much greater conquest: a merger of the Religious Right and the ostensibly secular Tea Party movement to create an electoral juggernaut that will determine the outcome of the 2012 Republican presidential primary.
Speaker Fees for the usual suspects
So conservative Christian voters are being told that a radically limited federal government is God’s idea, and that right-wing economic policies are mandated by the Bible. That could be effective in places like Iowa, where conservative voters are mobilized through evangelical churches. 

This political strategy – claiming a biblical foundation for the anti-government agenda of the Tea Party and its corporate backers – was on full display last weekend at the Lynchburg, Va., campus of Liberty University, founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, where the Freedom Federation’s Awakening conference took place.
In a video message, straw poll winner Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., a heroine in both movements and possible presidential candidate, hit all the Religious Right and Tea Party high points: abortion, gays, “anti-family” health care reform, and the “immoral” and “fundamentally evil” national debt. She praised Iowa voters for rejecting three state supreme court judges in a protest against the legalization of marriage for same-sex couples in the state.

No matter that Jesus was clearly a socialist, we have Christians teaming up with billionaires!  Ah, the taste of Holy Water MONEY!

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