Apr 22, 2011

Good "Friday" girl gets death threats.

Todays' society may think it's very hip but really does suck.  This is just high profile bullying... a national problem.

Rebecca Black: 13 year old Youtube sensation, has reportedly received multiple death threats for her 'Friday' video.

Police said on Tuesday they were investigating two death threats against  Black over her low-budget music video "Friday."

The threats were made sometime in March, after "Friday" became a YouTube hit and went viral as a web phenomenon, Anaheim Police spokesman Rick Martinez said.

"In essence the threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they were going to kill her," Martinez said.  "We can't validate how serious they are, but we do take it seriously," he said.


Here's the YouTube link if you're one of the few Americans who hasn't seen her sing the ditty that now has been viewed 110 million times.

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