Apr 6, 2011

Glenn Beck to leave FOX. His 15 minutes of fame are nearly over.

He's been losing advertisers.  He's not been taking his medication.  His time is nearly over as he and Faux are parting ways.

From TV Newser: Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts and FNC have reached a deal which will see Beck  “transition off of his daily program” later in 2011.
Beck’s much-reported troubles with the advertising community are believed to play a role in the decision.
Nonetheless, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has on a few occasions defended Beck and his program from advertiser issues, including in a call with shareholders last year:
One wanted to know how long Fox News would “subsidize” the show, which is “filled with house ads.”
“It’s not subsidizing the show at all,” Murdoch fired back, adding that the theatrical Beck gives “a terrific kickoff” to the Fox News evening lineup.
Of course, advertisers like Goldline are not paying the same CPMs that FNC’s other major advertisers were paying, so eventually something would have to give.
As Beck’s ratings have declined over the last year, the economics became even dicier. He may have the number three show in cable news, but without strong advertiser support, it is hard to be sustainable long term.

PS: Donald Trump gains 17 pct in an early name- recognition straw poll for president.  More from WSJ... It's probably not his moronic birther comments about Obama last week but more likely because he wants to tax Chinese goods to bring US jobs back.    He could buy this election if he wanted to!   Price increases at Walmart?  Welcome to the circus of unintended consequences!

Will the tea baggers who admit to liking and believing these white wing  nutcases please raise your hands?  Good riddance to bad television!

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