Apr 13, 2011

Cuts, Cuts, Cuts. Great Day for Cuts!

Big doin's in KC... the Republicans set the agenda for belt tightening.  Finally they figured out there's a recession on and fewer taxpayers are paying the tab for excessive government.

Course the GOP way of doing things is to belt-tighten affecting the poor, but not the rich.  Its a 'spending' problem, they say.  Well as most people know, it's really an INCOME problem but the GOP has favors to return to its contributors.  They hope to protect the super-rich from paying their share.  So Paul Ryan wants to cut taxes for the super-rich and stick it to the poor.

Will Obama let em get away with this today or tell it how it really is at his Wednesday speech to the nation on next year's budget?  Will the voters?  I predict a serious case of BUYERS REMORSE come 2012 with re-electing Obama and throwing the insane tea party puppets out of the new Congress.  Meanwhile, schools and city government are cutting too--as we read in the papers.  Schools are cutting teachers and principals.    They have no choice.  Just know THIS:  The super-rich don't create jobs as the GOP lies, and so they shouldn't be let off the hook for their taxes.

They just stash cash away in the stockmarket--America's great legal casino for rich gamblers.  Nother words, they don't hire people with their tax cuts.  They save it because they have everything they need already, and more.  Tax cuts should go to the middle class who WILL recycle that money instantly, into the economy!

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