Apr 28, 2011

Civility has left 30 Rock. Rudeness seems to be in style on cable coverage

MSNBC Gladiators Matthews, Shultz, O'Donnell
Both MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and Ed Schultz have joined chronic interruptor Chris Matthews in dispensing with civility on the air.  Tonight they were literally screaming at some of their guests who they knew to be birther types.  They bring people on their shows and publicly beat them up, badgering and bullying them when they don't get the answers they want quickly enough.  In fact, they really don't want answers, they just want to beat them up by yelling and interrupting.

Used to be Faux News commentators Shawn Hannity and Bill O'Reilly were the two badboys who followed in the footsteps of early interrogator Joe Pine.   MSNBC apparently thinks more combat will improve ratings.

Locally, al-KMBZeera's Darla Jaye does it frequently as most talk show people break into hives if they lose control of their guests or callers and the host's own oft-repeated points of view.

I can only assume these hapless victims or callers take the abuse because they want to be invited back, even if often taken to the studio woodshed.  Other than a smirk or eye roll, they don't fight back much.  On radio, it's harder... they just cut your mic and go into a soliloquy... so no one's the wiser when a victim gets unceremoniously dumped.

IMHO, the proper response is to just start saying "excuse me" over and over like Trump does when he's interrupted.  Eventually bully hosts start to realize they're making asses of themselves and they shut up and listen for a moment or two so you can get a quick point in.  Worked for me a week ago with Darla and I managed to change the direction of her show--only because she was caught off guard and I managed to touch a nerve with subsequent show callers.    I'm assuming either hosts are told to be more combative or they're just that much into hearing their own voices.  You decide.

Radio and Cable News Inquisitions... like the Friday night fights or the lions versus the Christians in Rome.  That's Entertainment!

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