Mar 2, 2011

Tony Botello is an Amateur

The word "amateur" has two meanings in contemporary America.  First is to suggest an amateur isn't good enough to make a living at whatever he does.  That's probably what you thought when I baited you into this post.  But I'm about to switch you.

The word comes from the Latin, "AMAR"--to love.  (Wiki)  It more rightly means someone does what he does for the sheer love of it, not to make a living at it.  Tony Botello gets the second, the classical definition and it's a high compliment.

Kansas City's best blogger works very hard at what he a journalist in my time, I know what it takes to one man band a news department and he does that, even if in his mom's basement.  Or his dad's living room.  Like a true craftsman, he makes it look much easier than it is.   The feature story in the Pitch today is a very good read about this guy who is so influential and so tirelessly makes so many prominent people nervous.  He gave me a mention in his blog yesterday about my Larry Moore blurb and predictably, my readership doubled for the day.

Tony's very good at what he does--he gathers and publishes on the internets.   He writes to me on so many levels.  Admittedly when he writes his tediously long pieces on KC politics, I just look at the pictures that visit.  But otherwise, I check him multiple times a day, comment far too often because what he writes interests me...and I check him more often than I check my email.

If I were a politician in this town, I'd do the same.  Except because of his sources and readership, I'd also be checking my fly a lot. 

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