Mar 21, 2011

Sly James for Mayor, not Burkenhauser

While I don't live in the city, it's my view that Sly is the best of the two candidates. Surely KC's had enough stuffed shirts running things--like the last half dozen mayors.   Sly will turn heads nationally... he has the potential of being one of America's great Mayors who will cheerlead for his city.

Most experience doesn't prepare you for a mayor's job.  Certainly not time in a bureaucracy or even as a business CEO. City managers run cities, not mayors.  Mayors FRONT for cities. Show leadership. Clinton as opposed to George HW ('read my lips') Bush.   It's not really a decision-making position in this form of government.  Councils decide things here and when they compete for that with a Type A controller (or wife) ... well we just saw what happens.  Nothing good.  Actually, nothing at ALL!

Yas need some pazazz in a mayor. Yas need a Henry Cisneros or Rudy Guliani to lead. Not another Burkenhauser, after the last mayor who put everyone to sleep, were it not for his colorful wife. And the ones  before, also yawners.  Gloria just tried to turn over the wagon rather than push it forward. Burke would be colorless without the nutcase spouse-- pretty much like Kansas City's been for far too long.  Sly's the one.

It's in our best financial interest to urge you to vote FOR REPEAL of the earnings tax so I am.

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