Mar 9, 2011

The Sheening.

"You're either in Sheen's corner or you're with the trolls".  Really.  Self-destructing actor Charlie Sheen said that.  Now the TV talk shows are using him as fodder for drumming up psychiatric patients.   Sheen's so screwed up, they're going to turn his name into a VERB for letting one's mental illness publicly destroy his own career.  "He Sheened himself".

Yesterday, he got headlines whining because he understandably got fired from hit TV comedy "Two and a Half Men".  This lastest picture looks more crazy than Nicholson when he did "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"!  Except Charlie's not acting unless he's auditioning for a part we don't know about!    The new warlock winning story.... With video

Give him a wide berth.  He's just way too hollywood!

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