Mar 3, 2011

Opinion Roundup: Supreme Courts, Celebrities, KCMO Politics

  • Unhappy the US Supreme Court rules in favor of the Phred Phelps Anti-gay Funeral Protestors.  Happy with first amendment victory... some days it's hard to back the ACLU but freedom has its costs and inconvenient truths.  Hope the state legislatures find a way to get them farther away from Military Funerals.  Meantime, let's counter- exercise OUR rights by standing in front of them, enmass.  For those who hate the 1st amendment and the ACLU, think of it like having your child killed by someone exercising the 2nd one as the NRA cheers for guns.  It ain't easy guaranteeing freedom, American style!
  • Unhappy there are signs the US Supreme Court GOP appointees are acting pretty political.  Especially Alito and Clarence Thomas, whose wife is a Teabagger activist.   They need to be admonished for partisanship and stick to interpreting the Constitution. 

  • Unhappy with Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice William Price, who acts less like a judge and more like an Attorney General politician who advocates for law and order.  If he wants to run the justice system, he should run for AG or Governor, instead of trying legislate from the state's courthouse or outrageously tell lawmakers how to make laws.  Moreover, he's not in charge of the prison system or deciding who should be in jail and who shouldn't.  The Governor and the legislature are!    He clearly has no respect for separation of powers!

  • I support the union people in Wisconsin to retain collective bargaining... a bad move by the bribed Wisc Governor and the libertarian fat cats trying to break unions.  Even so, government workers will need to give rollbacks...times are too tight to take taxpayer- generosity won during better times.  This is a republican stunt to gut the unions and the Democratic party.  They must be stopped.  Again, union agreements set the standard for ALL wages in America.  The problem remains a Republican one for cowtowing to the banksters who've killed retirements and the greedy health care industry, which has enough of our money to buy themselves a government!

  • In celeb news, well Charlie Sheen needs some meds... too bad about him.  He's right about so many things, including AA, working for buttheads--but his arrogance isn't convincing us.  Gaga's a no-talent.  Bieber's one lucky kid.  And it's time for Sarah Palin and the other white wing wepublican celebs to get lost for awhile--  and learn the ways of the world.   Or else, it's O'man 4, 4 more years!

  • Republican nutcases are acting like Charlie Sheen.  It will cost them in 2012, big time!  Couldn't happen to a better group of corporate lackies.   We need MORE Obamacare, not less.  Luckily the Crier of the House isn't very good at his job.  But Senate Republicans, on the other hand, are into dirty tricks to get their way. This week's last trick was to swap committee members at the last minute and appoint ones who will vote 'right'.  This year's version of "ends justify means"  Like stealing elections.  Gotta be stopped.  Watch MSNBC's covey of watchdogs who don't ignore their unethical antics--  like Fox does!   
Before we vote again, we must ask ourselves who we want to run the country?  The government, the corporations, or the people?

    • In the mideast, Europe needs to step up in Libya and we need to provide air support and hit Kaddhafi once and for all.  Hopefully democracy will replace religious nuts across the region, but I'm not especially hopeful.  I still think TelAviv's daytime temperature will one day reach 10,000 degrees.  War's horrible. 
      Our helicopters just killed 9 Afhgan boys collecting firewood.  General apologizes, but that's hardly enough, is it?  Citizens and the young always pay the price for wars.

    • I'm for Sly at this point in KCMO for mayor.   Probably mostly because I'm kinda down on Republican white males just now.
    I'm for most of what Radioman says, because HE buys the birdseed!  Sigh. Guess I should run for Congress!

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