Mar 10, 2011

MSNBC's New Liberal Blogs - Newt blames the country for his affair!

I've just added four new blogs on my sidebar to the right labeled MSNBC.  Not sure if you've been watching NBC's answer to Faux Fake News, but MSNBC has jumped into hyperdrive this past few weeks, after Keith Olbermann was let go.
Check out Rachel Maddow, whose investigative staff and guest interviews are exposing GOP dirty tricks for taking over the country.  You wouldn't believe it but she lays it out very well.  Check her blog to see how the billionaires are paying for new GOP officials--after last fall's elections -- to overhaul the nation. All under the guise of budget issues.

Ya think Reagan screwed us with his Tax Reform Act of 1986, stripping us of our middle class 1040 tax deductions?  The GOP is on the move and you won't see it on Fox.   Just make Rachel and MSNBC part of your evenings to stay balanced.  Skip Darla on the radio; she's a lightweight.   Rachel's more like a carrier task force!

Also tonight on The Ed Show, they took us to Wisconsin where the Republicans pulled a fast one--possibly in an illegal meeting-- to pass legislation gutting union bargaining.  It started more loud protests; Wisconsin workers may go on strike, and they chanted "The World is Watching!, The World is Watching."  Great TV.

 And MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell recited a hilarious and inciteful piece on Newt Gingrich claiming he was working so hard for America, well he just had to get himself an affair.  Instead of "The Devil Made Me Do It", it's The Country Did."   This video ROCKS!

Guess you could say Newt's a Political SEX Patriot!

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