Mar 18, 2011

Merrill: New Talker in Town. And another RMAN Rant Roundup

KMBZ has bumped Beck to nights, the netcase who can't get enough drugs for his schitzophrenia.  Beck's now after Darla Jaye and a new hired gun from Lawrence is in town.  Chris Merrill.  Fresh voice, professional sounding, claims to be a conservative on KMBZ 9a-11a but seems to be a social liberal or a Libertarian. Maybe he's just too polished to be initially accepted...hard to tell.   Here's part of KMBZ promotion departments bio of the new guy.

The Voice of Merrill comes to Kansas City by way of Lawrence, KS, Arizona, Nebraska, Colorado and Michigan.  His experience has allowed him to hone his skills on a number of music and talk radio stations.   Merrill considers himself an entertainer first and foremost.  After studying Theatre at Western Michigan University and Political Science at Fort Hayes State University Merrill has combined his passion to entertain with his knowledge of current events to create a high energy program that narrows in today’s pressing issues using a different perspective than the more traditional radio hosts. 

Obviously the new guy's working to make a good splash in the market. catching some flack for talking too much sexual topic but let's all wait and see.  What I did like was his longtime website blog, Voice of Merrill which could well become the talk radio talk-back site in town.   I've noticed local  BZ types don't keep their blogs up once they realize they have more reach on the radio than on a blog.  So if we hijack it for ourselves...maybe Merrill will keep it current!


Other stuff.  It could be war in Libya.  So, Kadhafi doesn't want to get publicly hanged like his brother insane, Saddam Hussein?  Despite his bellicose comments yesterday, he's offered up a CEASE FIRE now, before NATO draws blood on its expanded no fly zone airwar?  Let's see if NATO countries have balls to commit, or if they were outskunked by the tin-horn dictator who doesn't. 

Well wait.  Is he timid, or sly like a fox?  This won't really be a CNN-televised war.  So news will be difficult and cable channels will scramble to get steady pictures.  If it's a war at all!  TWT.  (Time Will Tell, as TV reporters love to pontificate when they can't predict the outcome!)  The question is, why didn't they start it five minutes after the UN resolution was passed?  What have all those pentagon planners been doing?


Gunfight in Japan for the Future of Nuclear Power.  I think we need it.  Japanese mishandling it.  Let's pray for their citizens that efforts to re-aquafy those fuel rods work!  Firetruck water-guns?  Well whatever works.   We need new nuke plants in the US... just not along the fault lines, obviously.  In northern Japan, obviously, heartbreak on every corner.  Are you paying attention, California?  Japan gives a lesson on how to handle disaster with some element of class.


GOP Union Busting.  Media can't talk and chew gun at the same time.  The Anti-Tea Party/Anti-Koch brothers war continues among the states.  Good luck to them.  We can't let the GOP turn this place into a corporate state, more than it already is.  Lets see how much blood they'll let before increasing taxes on the super rich.  Hopefully 2012 will be a reelection year and an election that will send the Tea Party koolaid drinkers into oblivion.  O'man.  Timing is everything.  Ya know, sometimes deliberative OVERANALYSIS can be labeled 'indecision'.   Think faster!

So much news, I'm getting dizzy!

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