Mar 30, 2011

KMBZ begins simulcasting 980 on FM 98.1 Mar 30th (today)

Entercom, corporate owner of KMBZ 980 and  the former KUDL 98.1 FM, begins simulcasting the AM talk radio signal on FM this afternoon.  It's a good fit with the "98" frequencies on both AM and FM almost the same.  Moving or simulcasting talk radio on FM is trendy in America these days and simplifies things for adults who would rather stay on FM for both their talk and music.

The loss is KUDL's long time call letters in the Kansas City market.  KUDL long ago competed head to head with WHB for boomer listeners during the heyday of Top 40 radio--long before corporate radio took over the industry.  Since then, KUDL has broadcast light adult rock and Christmas music in November and December, and more recently, most hours were automated without live deejays on computer

Entercom's moved most of the remaining KUDL FM staff to 99.7, renamed today from "Gen-X" to "The Point".  Tanna went to afternoon drive, Kelly Urich to morning drive, and Roger Carson moved to Mornings on The Wolf.  "The Point"  now targets adult women with contemporary music.

KMBZ AM 98 and FM 98.1, now with 2 frequencies, carries KC's only real local radio news during morning drive, and new local midday talker, Chris Merrill of Lawrence. 

The much more reasonable Merrill replaces America's insane Chicken Little, Glenn Beck.   That nutcase's syndicated rants are relegated to 9pm after Darla Jaye's local show.   The net gain at conservative station KMBZ is that during daylight hours, the station is live and LOCAL, except for moneymaking syndicator Rush Limbaugh from 11a. to 2p.  Since 2008, he broadcasts all things anti-Obama.  And it's on FM where it should be.

Good that KMBZ moves to FM, though KUDL listeners may not agree.  The propaganda will be heard more clearly on FM now--only the editorial slant remains distorted.

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