Mar 9, 2011

Best Photos: Gaddafi blows up his own oil

This cannot stand.  It's as if he's daring the world to take him out...a man who should be on suicide watch.  Libya's leader taking out his oil and his people.  By far, London Daily mail has the best photos coming out of the mideast.  Online Mail prints em larger than anybody.  Most aren't just news photos... they're creative and works of art as well.

Colonel Gaddafi's forces today blasted an oil terminal to smithereens as Libya's bloody civil war entered its blackest day.
Rebels retaliated by firing back with rockets as a fireball exploded from one of the oil tanks and the sky above the Es Sider terminal, in the east of the country, filled with hideous smoke.
A witness said one of the smoke plumes was the biggest he had seen in the conflict so far.
The fresh onslaught came as Gaddafi deployed tanks and snipers to 'shoot anything that moves'.
Forces loyal to the Libyan dictator poured into the city of Zawiyah in a desperate bid to oust the hardcore band of protesters and army defectors who have taken control.
More on the latest story from the Mail.  Check these photos!  

This keeps up, the O-man needs to get off his hands and take out his airports and send some A-10s over to take out his tanks.
  For the sake of the world's oil supply which isn't Khadaffi's to destroy.

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