Mar 10, 2011

Best of Success: Why Slogans and sayings really are GOOD!

Here's 3  minute uplifting video and also a link to some slogans from Alcoholics Anonymous.  (Ewww, ya say.)    Well it's occurred to me that bumper-sticker sayings are around for a REASON.  They cut through the crap.  Break things down to SIMPLE TERMS so we can put our arms around them.  Give these an open minded shot.  It's a nice video to lift you up.

And go get the AA ones... they're worth copying down or linking to...not all about recovery, some are just good to rid yourself of your resentments!   If you've been in rehab or love someone who HAS, you know some of them already. If not, well they just make common sense! Who knows, one might give you an "Ah-HA!" moment.

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