Feb 18, 2011

Were you stuck for life with a stupid first name?

Some local TV anchorette's fixing to marry a guy named Cody. Got me thinking... which as you know is both rare and dangerous.   I didn't think anyone named "Cody" would actually EVER be old enough to get married.

"Cody" is another name that's just fine for little kids who will be going to school next year... but I can't imagine growing up and being an adult wanting to walk around the planet with a little kid's name all his life.

Why don't parents try to imagine for a moment what chance their darling will have to become a CEO with such a stupid name? At least make his Middle name respectable so he can call himself C. Ralph Rottweiler, CEO.

Reminds me of a song called "Boy Named Sue".  By Johnny Cash.  Who the hell would name their kid "Johnny"? A guy with such a name is almost guaranteed to turn out gay.

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