Feb 27, 2011

Was the Academy Awards all that Boring? Not really.

Oscars are always about thanking Joe Oborne and Frank Duhucky, and William Franlinsteinowsky, (people we never heard of) etc... but it ended nicely with kids singing and it was kinda better than watching another rerun of Criminal Minds!  It was fine, no matter what the professional critics say.  It wasn't as boring as they said...it was like every other year!

The guy who forgot his wife's name... was he stoned or has he just had too many wives and he got confused and didn't want to take a chance and piss off his current one?

We weren't held at gunpoint to watch it.  So I wont' bitch about it.  AMC's running a great number of BIG TIME great films this week, and they're well worth the watch!!

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