Feb 8, 2011

The Secret Service should have BITCH SLAPPED Bill O'Reilly

I've finally had it.  Watched MSNBC tally the number of times Bill O'Reilly interrupted the president during his 'exclusive' interview with Pres Obama.   72 times.  Not one single opportunity to complete a thought.

He's not the only one.  Many hosts do that.  The other badguy is chronic Interrruptor Chris Matthews.  And also ego-maniac Joe Scarborough in the morning.  (Ironically, both work for MSNBC).   One can sigh and say, 'well its their shows'.  Guests must tolerate it if they hope to get access.

But not The President of the United States.  Jeez.  These host nutcases seem to think the world is about THEM, not their guests.  Sorry.  I tune in to hear the guests, not the hosts.  And I don't believe guests need to be badgered before they'll be honest.    Especially by some moron TV show host.  But that's just me.   (Don't add anything, bird.  I'm done.)

Hmm.  Kay.    (It's your blog, after all.)

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