Feb 10, 2011

RadiomanKC's BEST OF THE WEB / Blog Best in KC

Hate to spam you but I'm retired now and I work very hard to put the very BEST OF THE INTERNET in your hands on one site.  

 RadiomanKC's Best of the Web is a link site!  A guided tour both for your WORKSTATION and also for your iPHONE!

Perfect for KC readers, but others too!  Got LOCAL and NATIONAL news, radar weather, the best blogs, celebrity and arts, politics, technology... got it all.  Pls to mark me as a favorite...and tell your friends.

And email me to help my link site grow with your favorites that I've missed.  (radiomankc at gmail.com)  Thanks bud!

He adds cool stuff every day!  And more and more people click on him.  Great site for bored surfers!

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