Feb 23, 2011

Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) at KU tonight talking about Phil Kline

No, not talking to the right wing Temperate Women's Carey Nation Memorial Sobriety Society, but rather at the infamous downtown Lawrence "Free State Brewery" where we've all eaten and drank, and maybe even considered Lawrence's abolitionist history.  Even straight students at "GAY U" cheered when she talked about gay rights and abolitionists and liberty on her hour show.  Students, not studdying but cheering at every liberal comment she made on the stool towards her network camera.  Shit.  Ya'd think Janis Joplin was singing!  (Oh, she's gone, sigh))

But actually, Rach's in Ks this week to cover our very own ex-anti-abortion Attorney General Pfill Klein and his trickery against abortion, assassinated Dr Tiller, sex, motherhood and apple pie in court.  Klein's in the shit for his abuse of power to shut down abortion doctors, Planned Parenthood, and everything else the Baptists don't believe in.  He's on trial, what a switch.

Predictable, but way better than Fox Newz!  I still don't understand why anti-abortionists aren't doing unlimited time at Gitmo as terrorists!

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