Feb 25, 2011

Obama's Boy Wonder Press Secretary: Not ready for Prime Time

Jay Carney took over earlier this month as the President's chief spokesman. But he's way over his head.  Double talk, repetitive, clearly afraid to make a gaffe.  Even Green. Carney today announced there would be sanctions against Libya over the carnage at the hands of Moummar Gadhafi. He had no details and to reporter questions, just played escape and evade.  He comes across to me as a cardboard cutout of a Press Secretary.

Hard to believe he's a 20 year journalist!
In January 2011, Carney, who left Time magazine for Vice President Joseph Biden's office in 2008, was chosen to succeed Robert Gibbs as White House press secretary.

Carney once held one of the best journalism jobs in Washington. As the D.C. bureau chief for Time magazine, he enjoyed prime access to movers and shakers in the nation’s capital.

But perhaps reflecting the turbulent times for print media outlets, Carney left journalism in December 2008 to work as communications director for Vice President Biden. He wasn't the first high-profile journalist to join the Obama administration. At the time he joined the administration, Carney’s decision raised eyebrows and brought a new round of charges that the press was in the bag for Obama. But Carney told reporters he had accomplished what he hoped in his 20-year career at Time, and that he was looking for new challenges. --Wash Post

What was the O'man thinking?

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