Feb 2, 2011

Night Carrier Landings aboard the Nimitz, Deck pitching 30 Feet MUST SEE

This is very unnerving, landing with deck pitching 30 feet, at night, low on fuel.

Incredible.  You will never forget viewing this. The two videos below are undoubtedly the best.

Turn on your sound and go full screen.

I guarantee this will definitely hold your attention.

These videos show the difference between Naval Aviation and any other kind.  The links below are two outstanding videos about F-18 carrier operations aboard the USS Nimitz during weather that causes a severely pitching deck, which you can see in the videos.  It's more dangerous than most combat missions and the tension in the pilots and crew is very apparent.  Watch Part 1 first, then Part 2.  Great videos.

Part One


Part Two


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