Feb 17, 2011

MSNBC and Wichita: Pro Life people are Terrorists there

Dunno if you catch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC but she's interviewed some female doctor wanting to set up an abortion clinic in Wichita now more than a year after Dr George Tiller was murdered down there by a Right to Life nutcase.

Suddenly they're protesting the doctor's HOUSE in a small town burb near doodah.  Why the hell aren't these people being arrested and charged with terrorism?  Where does free speech end and terrorism begin?

And the Republican nutcases on the national scene.  Holy jeez.  I'm for drastically slowing our spending, cutting back.  But they DO know, don't they, that government spending goes into US JOBS.  So for every budget cut, that's people out of work, not buying stuff or eating out.  I'm for ending jet engines not needed, backing off on our military presence everywhere.  Cutting back on agriculture subsidies big time, reducing foreign aid to tyrants (except maybe for the gate fee for the Suez Canal).   And cutting back on needless highway expenses, roads to nowhere, and most certainly, anything we can do to reduce our Medicare costs without cutting services.  That will mean reniging on our sweetheart deal with the pharma companies!

And we could use a little inflation.  Not too much...we on fixed income can't afford too much.  But it would reduce the debt.  And certainly nailing corporations to give them disincentives to invest overseas and why are we subsidizing big oil?   I'm for cutting some federal employees.  I'm for giving disincentives to state law enforcement so the'll be less inclined to jail citizens for every goddam thing.  Sentences are way too long.  Too many people in the slammer for too long.  Too expensive.

Sorry about funding the arts but we need to keep education funding fairly high, pay for career education but cut back on government employee retirement benefits.  And certainly roll back the tax cuts on the rich.  What a horrible waste!  We're screwing a lot of people with this current government policy.   And yup, sorry Tony.  Government should not be funding minority service organizations like Guadalupe except for meals type programs.   We can't afford to keep all these $100k administrators working!  Money's just not there.  Not at the expense of keeping the heat on, of food for the poorest.  Etc.   Put another way, we just can't be a jobs program for not for profit agencies.  I'm not so sure they really provide that much value added to the clients as they do for agency staff salaries!

I'm not sure we need to keep helping Corporations at the expense of regular birds just looking for food!

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