Feb 11, 2011

Know how to get rid of FAKE ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE? Read me

I always like it when the real internet pros agree with me.  (JK)  When I agree with THEM before they say it.  Such is how to get rid of fake anti-virus software which I discovered a few years ago when I got some STD that tried to hold my computer hostage until I paid them thirty bucks.

Now comes my favorite How-To-GEEK SITE walking you through IDENTIFYING malware, and STOPPING IT DEAD before it installs, and REMOVING it with SuperAntiSpyware, a freeware program I offer on my Best of the Web Tech page.

Here's the walk through from HOW-TO-GEEK... which landed in my EMAILbox this morning, since I subscribe to him. 

Here’s a Super Simple Trick to Defeating Fake Anti-Virus Malware

You might be wondering why we have a screenshot of what appears to be AVG Anti-Virus, but is in fact a fake anti-virus malware that holds your computer hostage until you pay them. Here’s a really simple tip to defeating these types of malware, and a quick review of other options.

By the way, my Internet's been slowing to a crawl lately, especially on that piece of shit Internet Explorer.  Even on 3 different computers.  I have two pieces of advice.

1.  Quit using Internet Explorer.  Instead download both Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.   Decide which you like.  I'm fairly sure you'll settle on Mozilla because it's full featured, even tho Google Chrome is stripped and so faster than both of them.  Download Links, naturally on my Best of the Web Tech page, where I also post many Geek Tips and Tricks.  (Microsoft's always fixing IE.  Weekly.  Be sure to have your MS Automatic Updates on, maybe set for Sunday night at Midnight and leave your PC on all night JUST THAT ONE night of the week.)

2.  Reboot your home modem.  I rebooted that puppy last night and even IE ran noticeably better.  Time Warner taught me that that blinking box they give you for your phone/internet is MOSTLY BATTERY!  On the phone once, they told me to push the button on the base on the side, slide the little blinking modem off of it, and THEN unplug it for ten seconds.  Does no good to unplug the Webstar Modem if the battery's still hooked up that your modem rests on, assuming you have this model!

3.  See about replacing the cable in the yard or your amateur wiring hardware.  I did have em out right when it got cold and my new Christmas HD TV didn't work well... and they sent a team out to run me a new line... they measured the output at the box and then at the house and discovered a huge line loss to the house.  I had to ask them to test it, though.  They don't like sending contractors out to plant new coax.   Said my TWC guy, 'this stuff doesn't last forever'.  The other thing they did when I went all digital TV was to have TWC replace all of my cheap ass radioshak splitters and amplifiers with new ones.  And they checked them for signal quality.  And he scolded me for buying third party crap from Radio Shak.  Once they were done... all my HD tv's work just fine!  Apparently, HD TV's are much less forgiving than the old bulky TV's we're getting rid of.

Ya should read the article...everyone has PC trouble and if you can fix it, your friends, parents and inlaws will think you're just SUCH a smart bird!  Wouldn't hurt to subscribe to the Geekguy either.

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