Feb 22, 2011

KC Election today, predictions

I'm just an observer.  I think Darla Jaye's right ...it'll be Sly and Funky for the final show after today's primary results are counted in KC. 

I'm heavily influenced by the political propaganda on TKC for I don't live in the city, have gone to none of the forums, and I've just watched the TKC spin.  Sounds like KC could do a lot worse with anybody but Sly.  The Funkster could win, but he doesn't deserve it. 

On other matters, I'm with Deb Hemann if she says the city should do fewer DUI checkpoints and assess fewer fines.  Deb's not going to move up the next level to  KC's Finals Idol show IMHO. 

Government in America may not shoot people in the streets, but they do exert power by attacking us economically.  Every ticket these days is a hundred dollar assessment on non-conformists, hit hardest on the poor who are often stopped just for driving old cars (DWP - "Driving while Poor").  Complete injustice by these predators in uniform!  (Remedy: more warnings, fewer tickets taking food out of kids' mouths!)
Government seems to be in the business of incarcerating as many people as possible.  I'm certainly not a Republican but I think government should be a little softer, not harsher.  And less visible.

One would think people in government believe we're working for/subservient to THEM, not the other way around.

Classic example of Government run AMOCK!:  CHECK IT:

I don't really like the word 'government' because I really don't need to be governed. 


Other thoughts since I have your attention.

Yaay Freedom in the Mideast but we'll pay for that instability at the pump.  Here comes inflation and while we will pay for that ten percent loss in purchasing power (except for our existing house payment), well the debt will be reduced and that's not a bad thing.  I've been through inflation before... it hurts unless you're advancing in your career so get salary increases.  But it takes a while for someone to reinvent 'COLA's again.. meantime it will hurt.

Chicken Little (MSNBC on cable) reports that gas may hit $5 a gallon but Saudi's not interested in that so they'll pump faster.  Stock market's freaky today, of course.  Pray for your retirement managers to have cool heads and if they don't get them fired!

Boo to Freedom Inc in KC.  Like Clay Chastain, we need to quit paying attention to them.  Shame on them for shaking down politicians!

Republicans are going to overplay their hand in Congress this year but not next year.  Still, they will pay the ultimate price in 2012, barring unforeseen events.

Blacks will continue killing each other.  They may not know it, but they're doing what Darwin said they would do.

Israel will eventually attack Iran if they don't overthrow Ack-Ma-Jena-Nazi's government.  But after everything is over, the mideast will be more democratic and less theocratic.  They've tasted freedom.  Can't put it back in the box.  Too bad people can't fix things without doing it with blood.

No prediction on Obama's reelection.  He deserves it but we are far more racist than we admit.  I'll only observe that anybody who would replace him won't be as good as he is.  Propaganda aside.

Here's mine.  Time Magazine's Man of the Year will be the Arab Protester.

10PM Results:  It turned out to be Sly and some white guy.  Sly's an upscale black guy and he's going to win hands down in the general.  Funkster came in third, out of the money.

Noticed on TV his wife wasn't looking for face time; she traded seats with someone else at Funk's defeat party when Mahoney's camera guy was gettin video.  And of course, the chairswitch was the very video they chose to air!  TV always gets to decide what images to air, if they have them in the can.**

(** "In the can".  A very old media term from the pre-80s days when 16mm news film was stored in round metal containers called 'cans'.  Today, it means images captured on videotape and therefore recorded.)

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