Feb 1, 2011

Always WAVE your appreciation to the SNOW PLOW DRIVER!

Lots of people can't take a snow day, including hospital, law enforcement and fire protection, and anyone who cares for people at any facility like nursing homes, companies doing transportation, utilities... well plenty.

Guess even Marilyn (sp) McCain Working for Me at Channel 4 after all these years has to make a living. And what a predictable weekend TV story to fill time between commercials to tell us what we already know... that not everybody gets the day OFF!  Well, duh!

KCMO gets a lot of blogshit for not plowing so well.  Too bad.  I live in an unincorporated county neighborhood, and MY county takes care of us very, very well.   No matter, be patient for YOUR GOVERNMENT WORKERS do the best they can for NORMAL snow, not snow of the century. 

After all, you don't want to pay every year for a blizzard that doesn't usually happen, do you?   So don't be an asshole to your government that will struggle and do the best they can with this unusual seasonal snow!

People who live in the country ALWAYS WAVE to their neighbors who plow country roads.  Showing appreciation.  It's a habit city birds should do as well!

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