Jan 26, 2011

Obama looks to FUTURE, Republicans standing there holding their ..... uh

As we listened last night after Oman's positive plan, we see that the Republicans, the Tea partiers, and the Glen Beck types didn't LISTEN.  Still repeating the fall election's gloom and doom.

 Let's get to work.  Doing NOTHING, like the Party of NO, won't move us forward.

And those hoping to capitalize on the unhappy Tea Partiers?  Oh PLEEZE!   They appeal to the DUMBEST, most EASILY LED, disillusioned  SHEEP among us,   The UNHAPPY with no ideas, just dissatisfaction!

  LEADERSHIP:  We need more education, more innovation more work for our People.  Once again, we need to wake up and COMPETE!    Not sit back and count our current-quarter money, but COMPETE!

Yup, like Obama said, we worked during the SPUTNIK times when the Russians scared us and  smoked us.  We were scared but we still decided TO COMPETE!   We raced them to the Moon and we DID IT!  Were you around then?

Republican response (by the GOP and then also rogue Tea Partier Michelle Bachman) weren't listening.  They want to go backwards, not forward.  Didn't you sense that?  Cut our debt, for sure. We all want that.   But do it SMARTLY, not stupidly.  Not blindly.  We have brains to DECIDE, not to just blindly cut that hurts people.  THINK as they talk, good friends, as you watch the news.  Tell the zealots if they go too far.  Cut WASTE, not our future!! 

We need LEADERS, not WHINERS!   Builders, not people wanting to tear down!  Republicans need to shut up and get to work, not whine because things aren't being done THEIR WAY!   We need to COMPETE!

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