Jan 24, 2011

Latino Crimefest: Advocacy Journalism run amock

Listen to Reporter Int
(kcur) - Three months ago, a police raid on a popular club on the Westside sent reverberations through the community that are still being felt today. Many people in the neighborhood had concerns about Club Oasis, on Southwest Boulevard, because of frequent violence and shootings during Sunday night parties there. But some think the way the police raided the place may have caused even more problems. 

I listened to that entire interview and it was horrible. Not journalism for sure... a KCUR public affairs Sunday Morning kinda program interviewing a Pitch reporter (read article) who was conflicted, who spoke without attributions other than some vague "people say..."

The lead was that it had lasting changes, caused greater problems, and the raid wasn't handled well. Hmmm.

Yet police rounded up a bunch of illegals, outlaws and the floor apparently littered with guns and drugs. They'd been able to wild out in the open until the raid.

Now the 'Mexican culture' (the same one that's killed 30,000 people over drug wars) has disappeared from plain sight.

Raid caused "Problems"  What "problems?"  It's just a bitch bein' homesick for criminal life back home, huh?

That's a bad thing? Sounds to me like police and ICE were doing their jobs and the place needed to be fumigated because it had gotten infested and out of hand.

And this young reporter thinks that the TRUST that's gone is BAD? That the outlaws TRUSTED that police would ignore illegals and illegal activity. But no more?

Sorry, but if that's what the local Latin community wants in Kansas City, bring on the cops some more. Piss on that kind of  "TRUST".

Bring on the party buses...to take those 'first generation' dopers and packers and hoodlums back to where they can do whatever they want. To the Northern Mexico killing zone.

This ain't "Nuevo Juaquin Cuidad!" Bad reporter. Conflicted, pointless story...We were bait and switched.

The story isn't that cops badly handled a raid and lost community trust. Even SHE kinda sorta said some are unhappy and others are glad about a safer area. Gee. Que lastima!

I would have headlined it "KC Police clean up Mexican crime roadhouse. Citizens happy, criminals not so much."

So what do we want?  More crime in KC or less?  Can we really advocate in the media for BOTH?

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