Jan 3, 2011

KC Chiefs and Oakland-- a waste of our money!

I admit, I don't give a shit.  We were having tthe final LAST and final, tiresome Christmas time event.  I didn't bother watching in the living room.   I knew the Raiders would win.  I didn't give a shit.  (Plus at my request everybody brought me their laptops to clean em up, speed 'em up,  and install freeware CCLEANER.COM with my expertise and my freeware toys.  I did laptops while the women did the food and the men watched the Chiefs lose.  Yum Yum!

I heard Kansas City Chiefs lost to Oakland.  Oh surprise!   I didn't lose.  The players with their 7 figure salaries lost.  Not my problem.  I think professional baseball and professional football are just a variations of  a stock market all but my retirement programs don't participate in.  So I don't really care who wins or loses.  It's about money.  Not MY money.  So why should I give a shit about their finances?  Keep the stock market fairly up and otherwise, who cares?

Mostly, I'm pissed because my Time Warner Cable builds in OVERPAID JOCK SALARIES into my cable bill!!!!!   I think all sports should be an add-on like all the movie channels.  That would SOOO reduce our basic cable charges!  Screw jocks.  I'd rather send my money to actors who entertain me by being in movies!  I couldn't care less about star athletes and their million dollar salaries.  Let them work for a tenth of what they're paid!  Ya'd think fast, big, drug ridden fat guys had won the lottery!  Let them study in school for their bread like all the other kids!

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