Jan 12, 2011

Do we like our news STRAIGHT or with a VIEWPOINT?

Cable viewership is fairly low, yet those watching it frequently (like I do) tend to like 'viewpoint' news. I'm a liberal so I'm very loyal to MSNBC, just as so many more are conservative so loyal to FOX.

Both MSNBC and FOX filter their news through their political viewpoints by what they choose to run.  They spin stories with loaded words and who they interview. Easily noticed if you're objective!

CNN would like to play it down the middle, and they usually do, but sadly, most of us cable addicts want the spin, not the objectivity. It's very hard for CNN to pay the price for objectivity.

They're not publicly funded PBS, after all! Conservatives are quick to label PBS as liberal. By that, they mean not corporate (conservative) viewpoint. Conservatives say any outlet that's PEOPLE ORIENTED is liberal. That defines them well, don't ya think?

It was a big mistake to give corporations any element of person-hood... and the slightly right-appointed Supreme Court did exactly that.  Which is why corporations loved Bush appointments to the court, no matter what else he did badly.

Lesson: rare presidential appointments on the COURT will deliver predictably, his/her viewpoint!

My view is that bringing back the Fairness Doctrine in an effective form will eventually, bring government back to being pro-citizen rather than pro-business because it would reduce the level partisanship available in mass media.  

It will return healthy debate instead of propaganda to the media. 

But it will take a VERY long time, unless we do some very serious government reform. So long as TV money bribes congressmen bent on reelection, that won't likely happen.

Sadly corporations have the money to bullshit the voters on TELEVISION-- to elect people to pass laws favorable to them.  What a perversion of what we want our government to be doing for us!!

I do worry about the future of our country when it has become run by corporate money.

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