Jan 11, 2011

Busy Updating my Website for Hand Helds

After having seen my website on my wife's iPOD, I have spent two days making it look better on those tiny little screens.  Not much real estate but during the Consumer Electronics Show, they keep saying PC's with drive in theater screens like I have are going away to be replaced by various sized hand helds.

So I'm cleaning it up, reducing from 3 columns to 2, making buttons big enough for fat fingers on screen to change views. and putting all those RSS feeds I love so much on the right side.

Things are a changing I've noticed.  I loved KMBC 9's Radar site but they're positioning themselves for when broadcast stations will ALSO disappear.  With their interactive weather, why wait for the newscast when ya can just click on them and see it without sitting through commercials.  They're getting smarter, now you have to sit through a ten second commercial before you can see their weathercast.  I'm fine so long as they're not longer than that.

But I still took em off and replaced with with KCTV's.  At least for now.

Stop by if you like Best of the Web .. on either hand held, or your PC.  And if youre PC's running slow, here's 50 Ways to Fix It for free.

Rman spends more time these days in his basement than Tony does.

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