Jan 29, 2011

Brits cover the US better than US Papers: Look at the SNOW MAP!

Brace for more snow': Groundhog Day Storm to affect 100 million people next week
By Daily Mail Reporter

  • Weather experts predicts a massive winter storm to hit on February 2
  • The severe conditions will affect the South, Midwest and Northeast
A massive winter storm forecast for February 2 is set to affect more than 100 million people, weather experts have predicted.  The Groundhog Day snowstorm is expected to hit the South, Midwest and Northeast of the country, building from early next week.
The storm is likely to severely impact ground travel, cancellation of flights and school closures according to AccuWeather.
Groundhog Day Storm: Weather experts have predicted a severe snow storm will affect 100 million people leading up to and on February 2

Meteorologist Heather Buchman said: 'This is the type of storm that could shut down the region with high winds, plunging temperatures, ice, snow and a rapid freeze-up on roads'.

One grateful commenter noted that the British newspapers have coverage US papers don't.  This bird's noticed that too on many occasions.   See overseas press on RMANS NewsWars web page.

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