Sep 30, 2010

Don't jack with old people!

All right, Its an oldie but goodie but a fun one more than a million people have seen.

That's even better than a bird bombing!

Sep 29, 2010

When to Vote Republican...

If you make more than a quarter-million dollars a year ... or all of your income is from corporate/banking investments, or you build weapons for the government.

If that's not you, and you think you're a republican, you've been bullshitted by the biggest political scam since Richard Nixon's Dirty Tricks Squad.

Don't fall for the fears, false claims and name calling from the party that couldn't possibly get elected without trick lips.

Always vote your own Financial interest.  Not what you Wish it was.  But what it is NOW.  Simply put, rich people are not your friend.  Pretty much sums it up!

  There's the Republicans bribed by Big Business... and then all the REST of us worker birds out here trying to survive.  Bright birds vote Democrat because they're birdlovers!

Sep 28, 2010

Pix: Biden Sucks Up to Obama

  Liberal Birds don't think that's funny.  (snicker) 

Sep 14, 2010

KC Journalism has LEFT THE BUILDING!

Somebody cuts the dean's throat at a local college.  FoxFour's producers miss the boat--horrible writing.  Tony puts it at the bottom of a news roundup, sourcing the BRITISH PRESS, virtually burying an incredibly sensational and shocking story.  At least the Brits recognize a big story when they see one!

Jeez this news market sucks!  People here can't find news with both hands!

  Well the other stations weren't so bad.   Some days ya feel like a mushroom cloud and some days ya don't.

Sep 12, 2010

Machete: Cancer upon the world

The image of the Ko'ran since 700 A.D.  Perhaps 'peaceful' Muslims just haven't read it, or pick and choose what of it to believe, like Christians do their own texts!  This was on the front page of the Drudge Report on the 9-11 anniversary.  A man looking nuts, holding a knife and a young boy behind him.  Nothing in this picture was accidental!

Of the characters who brought us the actors for this shot, who shot it, and who got it to Drudge, and for Drudge to publish it, who was involved in establishing this deliberate image and what was their expectation?  And finally what did Drudge's readers conclude?

It would appear that Americans aren't the only ones who understand how to wage a campaign for 'hearts and minds'.  Looks like it came from an ad agency that also brought us THESE whose elements are identical!  Make no mistake, this photo is, in fact, terrorism by definition!

The PC crowd can go on TV all they want and lament that Islam is misunderstood.  But it's not.  The media who does those kum-ba-ya interviews, conflicting with these pictures, are just keeping Americans indecisive and confused on what to do about the Islamic agenda.  "Peace in our time," buying time for the Iranians to get their bomb ready.  Believe your eyes, not your ears.  These photos aren't peaceful.  They were meant to be intimidating.

  Maybe they weren't created for this purpose, but I'd suggest Matt Drudge puts them on because scaring people helps get Republicans elected.

  Remember when the Iranians photoshopped 2 or 3 more launching missiles into a 'news photo' a couple years ago?   See what looks like a missile launch on the left side? They're not that smart/dumb to use photoshop again, are they?  Just askin'.

Thanks Woodstock but this photo is too funny not to post!  (click to enjoy)

more on the same topic yesterday:  Click if you didn't see it.

Sep 11, 2010

Just how far should we go to fight Terrorism? Have we gone TOO FAR?

Well maybe I'm just the one going too far.  Mo Rage, a fellow liberal blogger, and I see a fair amount a like.  If you want to see what we're kicking around, I'd encourage you to stop by his place for his 9-11 article.  Maybe I hijacked his piece, and maybe I didn't.

It's turning into the question of whether terror suspects should be SHOT, or TRIED IN COURT!

Yes he's even dressing me down for being too fascist in wartime.  Oh well,  It's an interesting read for those into the dark arts of our defense.  Maybe you'd care to join in?

Yes for a liberal from the sixties who usually questions authority, Radioman has been getting a little testy, lately.

Bonus Point:  Pat Buchanan wonders of Barack Obama is up to being a wartime president!

Bonus Counter-Point:  Nutcase Michael Moore says this isn't America if they don't put the Mosque near (or right ON) Ground Zero.

More really scary reading about American's reaction to Muslims:  Alternet Reports America has farmed out Top Secret Intel work to Contractors!  An estimate 850,000 people have Top Secret Clearances, many private contractors (Arabs work hard to make us as paranoid as THEY are!!)

Sep 10, 2010

Mexico: Killa Country

25 die in Mexican state on single day

By the CNN Wire Staff
September 10, 2010 8:25 p.m. EDT
Officials say 14 of the deaths took place in three incidents over one hour.
Officials say 14 of the deaths took place in three incidents over one hour.
  • NEW: 4 members of one family shot and killed
  • 7 of 25 victims are women and girls
  • 3 victims are teens
  • 3 Mexican mayors have been killed in less than a month
(CNN) -- With 25 people killed in violent outbreaks, Thursday was one of Chihuahua state's deadliest days of the year, the state Investigations Agency said on Friday.

Seven of the victims were women and girls and two were 15 years old, said agency spokesman Arturo Sandoval. One of the males killed was 17, he said.

Additionally, Sandoval said, 14 of the fatalities took place in three incidents in one hour.

 Click photo to enlarge

In the most violent incident, six people who had gathered outside a house were killed when several men opened fire with AK-47 rifles and 9mm guns. More than 70 shots were fired, and the victims -- ranging in age from 15 to 67 -- were found sprawled in the street.

In Juarez's Granjas de Chapultepec neighborhood, four members of the same family were shot and killed. Two older women were shot in the garage, and two teenaged siblings were found in a closet.

The Reuters news agency said it was the deadliest day in Juarez since 2008, when the raging drug war began in earnest.

Nearly 30,000 people have been killed in drug violence since the government's bloody war on organized crime began in 2006.

The drug cartels are now suspected in the deaths of three mayors in less than a month. The most recent, Mayor Alexander Lopez Garcia of El Naranjo in San Luis Potosi state, was gunned down in his office Wednesday, officials said.

    Lookin more and more like Iraq!  Wonder if people are leaving Mexico just to escape the crime?  Maybe time we give them some birds' eye intel, and drop some laser-guided birdshit on the bad guys.

Bonus:  Southern Poverty Law Center has a review of Machete in the cold light of day.

Does Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ Advocate ‘Race War’? Posted in Anti-Immigrant by Alexander Zaitchik on September 10, 2010   Print This Post Most film critics have come to a similar conclusion about Robert Rodriguez’s new film, “Machete.” With few exceptions, the movie has been received as a directorially accomplished and modestly enjoyable comic-book revenge fantasy — easy to look at, easy to laugh at, and easy to forget. There is, of course, a contemporary twist. Critics also invariably note the ultraviolent operetta’s cartoonish pro-immigrant politics, in which virtuous Mexican day laborers struggle against and defeat villainous drug lords and murderous Anglo border vigilantes.    The rest of the interesting story and a few comments.

Muslims are NUTS.

(Reuters) - Thousands of Afghans protested against the United States in the northeast on Friday, the largest demonstration since a small U.S. church said it planned to burn copies of the Koran, an Afghan official said.

After special Eid prayers to mark the end of Ramadan, the crowd, estimated by a governor's spokesman at 10,000, poured into the streets from mosques in Badakhshan province chanting anti-U.S. slogans.

There were no signs of disturbance, the spokesman said.

The pastor of the small church in Florida, Terry Jones, said he had put a plan to burn Korans on hold after the plan drew global condemnation.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed hope he would not proceed.

"The Koran is in the hearts and minds of all ... Muslims but the affront against the holy book is a humiliation to the people," Karzai told reporters at his palace after prayers.

"We are hopeful that he gives up this affront and should not even think about it."

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates called Jones to urge him to abandon the protest, intended to coincide with the anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001, attacks by al Qaeda militants on U.S. targets.

The president of Indonesia, home of the world's largest Muslim population, called on the United States to ensure that no burnings took place.

  The little kid makes us realize that they're not all nuts, just misguided.  But who knows, he may be the next 9-11 bomber in 5 years!  These birds are out of control!  

Sep 9, 2010

America Humiliating itself.

After watching the news media fall all over itself this evening, and stories about even the president getting involved all worried about pissing off the Arabs, it appears the Muslim terror campaign has worked very well and they are winning.

Mo Rage, wondering how to stop suicide bombers in Russia.  Spilling over to all this hand wringing about the mosque near Ground Zero.  Now comes a Worldwide Travel Alert for all Americans because the Arabs are getting all wound up.... so much for their "religion of peace!" (link to book about islam)

Here we are the most powerful country in the world being pushed towards war by some religious nut in Florida and a complicit news media.  Now comes our own Kansas Nutcases, the Phelps Pfamily..

(With any luck, the terrorists would come over here and solve our legal problems at the point of a sword with Fred and Wife, but lets face it, The Phelpses are playing right into their hands.  They probably get recruitment checks from Al Quida!)  I would so love to have a can of black spray paint in my hands, and meet Mrs Phelps out on the street staging a protest against our vets!  But on the Kor'an thing, well, sigh.  They're doing more than MOST of us are!  Apparently 9-11 wasn't enough.  We need to get hit again.   But I bet they don't hit us again.  They're too smart for that, knowing that we and our PC ideas are our own worst enemies!

So here we are sitting on our hands trying to be politically correct and not insulting a billion people who can't control their own murderous thugs.  And except for the enslaved women, the Sharia law folks don't want to!  We were the last ones to realize we're at war with ISLAM, a nation beyond traditional borders!  Well, DUH!

WWIII is coming, ya know.  These people are as crazy as the Japanese were in 1939!  And there's more of them!   I don't think this will turn out well for them and our generation is about to lose its virginity even after losing 6,000 of our young people in the mideast on top of the first attack that killed 3,000 of us on 9/11.

So don't loan any money to Arabs here on work permits.  They may not get the chance to pay you back if they get deported by Homeland Security.

This shit needs to stop.  Tehran must be laughing their asses off because we're acting like such little babies!  America's not used to this kind of humiliation and I think people are starting to figure out that's what we've done to ourselves.  The arabs are quietly seeing their brothers all over the western world... and things going very much according to plan.  They're probably banking that we won't have enough self-confidence to stop them.

They be wrong.  Like in WWII, we just have to work ourselves up to it.  Hopefully, we won't wait too long!

Does anyone care about KCMO Redistricting? Prolly NOT!

This story smells about as legitimate as that moron small church pastor in Florida who wants to burn the Korans!  We've all been suckered in a slow news week.

Tony's calling this hearing a "Public Outcry".  While I wasn't there, I bet there weren't fifty people who gave a shit and most of them were activists  and retirees with nothing better to do!  Can't tell by the photos, cropped close to look busy.  Kinda like that big Sprint Center event Funk held a while back and nobody came!

  I'd call these people birdbrains, but I don't want to offend any of my friends.

NC Sheriffs want peoples prescription records! What arrogance!!

(News Observer)

Sheriffs in North Carolina want access to state computer records identifying anyone with prescriptions for powerful painkillers and other controlled substances.

The state sheriff's association pushed the idea Tuesday, saying the move would help them make drug arrests and curb a growing problem of prescription drug abuse.

But patient advocates say opening up people's medicine cabinets to law enforcement would deal a devastating blow to privacy rights.

Allowing sheriffs' offices and other cops to use the state's computer lists would vastly widen the circle of people with access to scripts written for millions of people. As it stands now, doctors and pharmacists are the main users.
Nearly 30 percent of state residents received at least one prescription for a controlled substance, anything from Ambien to OxyContin, in the first six months of this year, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services. Nearly 2.5 million people filled prescriptions in that time for more than 375 million doses. The database has about 53.5 million prescriptions in it.

Sheriffs made their pitch Tuesday to a legislative health care committee looking for ways to confront prescription drug abuse. Local sheriffs said that more people in their counties die of accidental overdoses than from homicides.

For years, sheriffs have been trying to convince legislators that the state's prescription records should be open to them.

"We can better go after those who are abusing the system," said Lee County Sheriff Tracy L. Carter.

Others say opening up patients' medicine cabinets to law enforcement is a terrible idea.

"I am very concerned about the potential privacy issues for people with pain," said Candy Pitcher of Cary, who volunteers for the nonprofit American Pain Foundation. "I don't feel that I should have to sign away my privacy rights just because I take an opioid under doctor's care." Pitcher is receiving treatment for a broken back.

The ACLU opposed a bill in 2007 that would have opened the list to law enforcement officials, said ACLU lobbyist Sarah Preston. The organization would likely object to the new proposal.

"What really did concern us is the privacy aspect," she said. Opening the record to more users could deter someone from getting necessary medicine because of the fear that others would find out, she said, "particularly in small towns where everybody knows everybody."

The state started collecting the information in 2007 to help doctors identify patients who go from doctor to doctor looking for prescription drugs they may not need, and to keep pharmacists from supplying patients with too many pills. But only about 20 percent of the state's doctors have registered to use the information, and only 10 percent of the pharmacies are registered.

Sounds to this bird that North Carolina needs some new sheriffs.

Sep 7, 2010

America's Police: Piss on the Constitution! Enforce Order at ANY Price!

I do NOT agree with this guy's view to IMPEACH Obama for I support our president, but I served in the military to defend his right to carry this sign...and I'm SOO pissed off that cops and security people, USUALLY BULLIES, are IGNORANT of the Constitution they swore to uphold!   Read this pile of shit... and call your county and city commissioners.  

INSIST all of your jurisdiction's cops, prosecutors, and legislators take a seminar in the US Constitution.  Tread on us too much with your fat man bullying military tactics, and be reminded why we value the second amendment.  To protect us FROM YOUR NAZI ASSES!

The original post, which should show us all how cops/security have no clue what they should be doing.  Perhaps they should learn arabic and move to a mideastern country if they want to bully people who get out of hand.

Read, Surviving a Police Stop... HERE.  

Maybe police birds should learn about the laws they enforce... since they always say there's no excuse for ALL birds not to know them!  Why should police need their SERGEANTS to decide what ALL birds learned in 9th grade?

Update: ‘Machete’ producers lied about racist bloodbath

  ‘Machete’ producers lied about racist bloodbath

Machete ‘race war’ confirmed as tax rebates still in question for anti-Texas, pro-immigration film

(Radioman:  This is partly a rehash from a pre-release trashing of the film, but also reveals who's behind it and other divisive political antics.  THIS UPDATE reflects the FINAL CUT version of the film.  Clearly the producer used a machete on it to cut out MANY of the blatantly racial scenes from the original film.  Tho not all.  Mexican supremacists will still love it, even tho it's not the explosive film it started OUT to be!)

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
Sunday, September 5, 2010

‘Machete’ reached the #3 spot at the box office opening weekend. But after viewing the film, it is clear that its producers lied about the extent of the film’s racial message, which includes vulgar atrocities, including the killing of a pregnant woman attempting to cross the border during one of the opening scenes. This deception about the film’s message could bring its tax incentives, worth millions in production costs, into question.

The rest of the story from Texas Talk Show Host "Alex Jones".

  Some birds are noisy just to get attention.   But it looks as if the fancy-feathered ones here are stirring up trouble in the forest.  How come?

Sep 6, 2010

Asshole of the Month

KABUL—The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said the planned burning of Qurans on Sept. 11 by a small Florida church could put the lives of American troops in danger and damage the war effort.

Gen. David Petraeus said the Taliban would exploit the demonstration for propaganda purposes, drumming up anger toward the U.S. and making it harder for allied troops to carry out their mission of protecting Afghan civilians.

Protesters stage an anti-U.S. rally in Kabul after an American church says it will burn the Holy Koran on the September 11 anniversary.

Hundreds of Afghans attended a demonstration in Kabul on Monday to protest the plans of Florida pastor Terry Jones, who has said he will burn copies of Islam's holy book to mark the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Afghan protesters chanted "death to America," and speakers called on the U.S. to withdraw its troops. Some protesters threw rocks at a passing military convoy.

Gen. David Petraeus said the planned burning of Qurans on Sept. 11 by a Florida church could put the lives of American troops in danger.

"It could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort," Gen. Petraeus said in an interview. "It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems. Not just here, but everywhere in the world we are engaged with the Islamic community." 

Asshole of the month 
Guys like this give Americans and Christians a bad name
Mr. Jones, head of the 50-member Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., said in a statement that "We understand the General's concerns. We are sure that his concerns are legitimate." Nonetheless, he added, "We must send a clear message to the radical element of Islam. We will no longer be controlled and dominated by their fears and threats."

Mr. Jones has been denied a permit for the demonstration, but has said he plans to go forward with the protest.

  Maybe he and that birdbrain from small church Topeka should get together and start their own National Debomination. 

Sep 5, 2010

Sure signs the Summer Recovery didn't happen....

  • The economy is so bad that I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

  • I ordered a burger at McDonald's, and the kid behind the counter asked,  "Can you afford fries with that?" 

  • CEO's are now playing miniature golf.. 

  • If the bank returns your check marked  "Insufficient Funds," you have to call them and ask if they mean you or them . 

  • Hot Wheels and Matchbox stocks are trading higher than GM. 

  • McDonald's is selling the 1/4  'ouncer'. 

  • Parents in   Beverly Hills and Malibu are firing their nannies and learning their children's names. 

  • A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico .
  • Dick Cheney took his stockbroker hunting.
  •  Motel Six won't leave the light on anymore.
  • The Mafia is laying off judges. 

  • BP Oil laid off 25 Congressmen

  • Congress says they are looking into the Bernard Madoff scandal.  Oh Great!!   The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear!
And, finally...

  • I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, and our bleak future, that I called the Suicide Lifeline and was connected to a call center in Pakistan .   When I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.
You don't think they'll cut my ration of birdseed, do you?

    GOP Dirty Trix: Boehner's Budget Solution

      Shamelessly stolen from Penrose on Politics Blog.

    Is TKC just a daily "COFFEE NEWS" for the KCMO City Hall-Courthouse complex?

    Soo much inside baseball.  And for a city/county where most people are moving OUT of at the first opportunity!

    Sep 3, 2010

    Why I wish I owned a DOZEN CARS & TRUCKS...

    Then I could post most ALL of these Bumper Stickers.... to urge fall voters NOT to take us back to what ruined our economy in the FIRST place--corporate and banking Republicans!

    Well, I found THIS one on CafePress... for just five bucks!