Dec 9, 2010

WikiWarriors should read some history, not just nerd books

Computer hackers are probably natural born anarchists so Wikileaks is some sort of hero as it embarrasses the establishment, even if it is dangerous to us all.

Perhaps the hackers are teaching the politicians a lesson.  That the establishment can't afford a free internet.  History has shown that the establishment doesn't really tolerate anarchy well -- whether American Indians, wetbacks, loose running dogs or kids, or religious terrorists.  They will round em up, slap controls on em that will reduce the freedom of movement for us all.  That will be true of Information too!

We must understand that freedom is only a privilege.  We KEEP it by being responsible.  When we're not, we lose it or have to fight like hell to get it back.  Haven't we learned that government has the power to tax us, and does.  And therefore can hire an unlimited number of cops to keep us from practicing anarchy?  Homeland Security will just build a prison for computer nerds and shut down the internet as we know it to protect the establishment.  That started when Marshal Dillon made everyone turn in their guns at the Dodge City city limits.

The MIT whizzes have screwed the pooch because they CAN.  And that's pissing Big Sis off even more than she is already.

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