Dec 9, 2010

TOP KC STORY: Westboro Religious Nuts to PROTEST Elizabeth Edwards Funeral!!

The Westboro Baptist Church, a Kansas church famous for its anti-homosexual protests at funerals, said it plans to protest at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards on Saturday.

The church plans to protest for 45 minutes before the funeral starts at 1 p.m., according to the church's website.

The church did not provide a specific reason for the protest.

By Thursday afternoon, groups had already formed on social media to counterprotest Westboro's actions. Nearly 400 people had confirmed their attendance to one event, titled Protect Elizabeth Edwards' funeral from Westboro church, by 4 p.m. Thursday.

The Westboro Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church known for its extreme stance against homosexuality and its protest activities. The WBC is not affiliated with any known Baptist conventions or associations.

Edwards, 61, died Tuesday from cancer -- six years after she was diagnosed the day after the 2004 election when her husband John was a vice presidential candidate.

For years, Elizabeth Edwards prepared her family for the day she would be gone, talking bluntly about the cancer consuming her body and writing a letter to leave for her children with life advice on topics such as how to pick a church -- or even a spouse.

The preparation continued in her final days, when she made sure Christmas decorations were up in their Chapel Hill home and became the source of comfort to those closest to her.

Confirmed by CBS News

At this writing, the godhatesfags church website was not loading properly because of some deliberate problem or that every news operation in America's trying to confirm the story simulataneously.  The site was quoted by the N.C. TV station.  This story seems to be breaking in's not on KC sites, other than TKC who buried the story in a news summary.

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