Dec 8, 2010

TKC Watch: He still thinks this is a 'recession'


The KC Biz Journal notes that this town remains treading water in the midst of The ongoing Great Recession: The Kansas City-area unemployment rate fell back to 8.5 percent in October, the same rate as a year earlier, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Tuesday. 2 Comments

RMAN observes:  "Still out of work" is like saying "punks still shoot each other in KC."

Not news.  Actually most people didn't get shot and most people who want to work are working, well somewhere.  Still lots of dads standing in the cold with their kids at bus stops but that won't change.  And moms work cheaper.

This isn't a Great Recession.  This is a global redistribution of wealth.  A megatrend caused by powerful corporations that have taken over government, getting tax breaks for moving jobs overseas to cut costs while saving the Health Care sacred cow that screwed the pooch.    Unlike all the other developed countries, we have no nationalized health care and no protectionism to keep Americans building things here to fuel our economy.

Thank your stubborn Republican friends, paying back corporate contributors...and it doesn't appear those will change any time soon as well as Democratic presidents who can't play poker with the big boys.  That has to do with Obama's compromise that ISN'T about tax cuts for the rich that would put us more in debt.

And reprint from last night:

Don't get to excited about spending any government givebacks.  They'll be tiny compared to rising oil prices which are causing predictions of THREE DOLLAR GAS BY CHRISTMAS in some places.  KC's rarely far behind.


  Actually we need more than love these days.  This bird sure doesn't feel it coming from politicians at ANY level.

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