Dec 1, 2010

Sexual blogging...and TKC

Sadly, one only needs to even MENTION the word "Sex" and too many humans will click on it. 

You CLICKED THIS SITE.  That doesn't speak so well for our gender, or even for our species, does it?   Did GOD really want us to be THAT driven to only our lower urges?

So here the internet-sex addicts are, even in denial of the diagnosis!  A sub-set of Tony's Kansas City readers.  You predictably CLICKED HERE at just the word "SEX"!     I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, don't I?

YOU are why guys like TONY will trash any political woman who's applied for a position...for her attractiveness, or for any sordid tale!  Even if it has nothing to do with her!   AND we guys wonder why women have no respect for us!! 


A midday addition to this post:

I expect many people will READ TKC's blog but never reply there because it is just too sordid!  Well, write him an EMAIL.  Tell him.   Tell him ELSEWHERE, like here, or on Star or some other site.   Help the guy grow or portray him for what he is becoming...tell him what you WANT him to do and NOT do!

He pretends to talk about freedom and openness but what he wants seems to be trash talk because people can read it anonymously like some want to write it anonymously.   If it bothers you, you have to be stronger.  DON'T click on him, don't respond, and certainly don't EMAIL him tips.  At least for awhile.  I have no problem with him engaging in petty politics.  That's fun.  But he does indeed need to learn how to use the DELETE COMMENT key when the public (the bottom-feeders) go too far and offend the basic dignity of others.

I too would be very judicious in using that KEY.  But ya know, my 'offended' button isn't all that conservative.  I just know that gay comments about people's lifestyles and slut comments about people's lifestyles and bathroom comments and 'nigra' comments sets it off.  I'd use it THEN.

No legitimate bloggers allow any of that crap... and somehow, the Republic manages to survive.  I don't see that Tee, who has my respect in MANY! ways, is preserving the Republic for tolerating bathroom stall postings on his blog!   

I encourage you to write him further, to help him learn responsible blogging, to understand the basic notion of good taste, of Chivalry (to use my phrase).   And clearly, if he does decide to change his ways so to be a respectable (albeit pithy and pointed) medium, he needs to say so.

Moreover if he EVER uses his delete key... he'll remember to DO NO HARM.   That's the physicians' final credo.  Kill off your terminal patients in pain... allow dying patients to die, but when you practice, DO NO HARM!   This is how doctors can sleep at night when treating humans, who all die in their own good time!

Bloggers should also DO NO HARM.   Including those who leak documents designed to protect their own country!   Tony's not an anarchist.  And probably not such a humanist as to feel some basic need to focus on some shitpile and show it full screen and claim it's an 'art form'.   Every DAY, he focuses on reality and rightfulness.  Well he needs to do that on HIS commenters and their 'reasonable taste!'.  If he DOES THAT, then we can focus on much more important issues.    If he DOESN'T, then he vastly reduces his viewership because we decide he lacks the morality to teach wisdom!

(tee, got a more current, better foto, send me the link so I don't just pull crap offa the 'net.) 

Go ahead and comment... anonymously.  Google doesn't offer the technology here to trace you.  Just say your piece.  I'll only delete your stuff  if  you're mean spirited..  Grin.  Thanks for your views!  I'm sure he's reading this as are all of his handlers and viewers.  My Google Analyitics Summary today shows huge numbers on this particular msg..  Not identifiable, but big readership even so.  Guess ALL his readers read this post today but still, ya didn't get outed by Google.  Well, whateveruh!


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