Dec 20, 2010

NOTE TO KCMO Council/Mayor Candidates. Go on TKC and SPEAK FOR YOURSELVES! Else FORGET IT!

This crap I've seen on TKC about various handlers badmouthing one KCMO/JACO candidate, supporting another.  Just TRASH!  They should go find something else to do.

Ya CANDIDATES want to get elected?  You need to talk to the media and the movers and shakers on TKC or any media or neighborhood group.  Set up a GMAIL account, and write your OWN responses.  Accept citizen comments and respond to them if you actually want to respresent them!

If you don't write in THIS VERY BLOG, (yup TKC) then why should ANYONE vote for you-- if you're too good to talk to the folks and say what you really believe?  

End the pretentiousness.  Either come in and play or take your marbles and go home!

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