Dec 13, 2010

Giving to make YOU look good or because that's what GOD tells you to do!

IF a poster in a room suggests... "What have YOU PERSONALLY DONE LATELY before your criticize radio stations or other corporations' giving at Christmas?

IMHO, the issue isn't what a poster has DONE for those in need.  Giving shouldn't be 'catholic' where men are measured by their donated SERVICE stored up in heaven -- rather instead, their love, spirituality, and lifelong generosity.

This discussion was about a corporation like KMBZ radio's Coats for Kids program, or some other corporation's donations to "Jerry's Kids" or any other worthy cause.   Aren't they motivated by a local GOODWILL INVESTMENT to endear listeners and customers ("Goodwill" is an accounting term)?  And a sizable CHARITABLE DEDUCTION  (also an accounting term.)    Why yes? Because corporations can't hardly have a soul or even a morality except for profits!  Certainly not one that shills for Republicans and cutting entitlements on everything from school lunches to eldercare as 'unaffordable.'   Nope.  The Limbaugh station's not looking for everlasting life. Just better sales and good profits next quarter!  Doesn't have anything to do with Christian giving, IMHO.

Now then. About regular folks who give without getting a public atta-boy for their gifts.  Better done in SECRET, not for others to notice and give you goodwill, don't ya think?

Lots of people anonymously drop a few bucks in the kettle, or quietly give the grocery cashier a check stand 'Harvester's Coupon"  for $5-10, to add to our grocery bill. Or United Way, known only to the boss and the IRS. Or the company Giving Tree to the Poor kids, known only to your department head.

Or give a useful but older TV, or good clothes, some useful tools and not ask for em back.  Or pick up the holiday food grocery bill each year and host OUR UNLUCKILY INLAWS year after year.  Or be especially generous for kid gifts to those whose inlaws whose parents aren't as career-motivated as most.

Or spend days periodically cleaning our parents' houses when our sibs are too busy to do their fair share, or picking them up some groceries and NOT cashing their reimbursement checks. 

Blessed are those who do that very quietly all the time.   And those who vote for candidates who cut everything but war taxes, like entitlements, lifesaving regulation, education, lower cost meds, school lunches?  Blessed them?  Not so much.  They HAVE their blessings already.  In the bank.

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