Dec 6, 2010

Bill Maher Nails Obama as Wimpy... he didn't com through. Outgunned by GOP!

Stunning comments Sunday on CNN's Fareed Zarkia when comedian Bill Maher calls the President Wimpy... says he didn't come through with his promises,  the Independents threw the Dems out in November because they weren't paying attention... that the sky wasn't raining Twenty Dollar Bills after he was elected.

This is MUST SEE TV explaining why things are in such bad shape...that Republicans just Out Manoever dems all the time!

(CNN's not letting us imbed it... so See it on YOU TUBE. 

What does it mean?  We didn't get what needed and the corporate shills got THEIRs INSTEAD.  Very sad!  American voters proved twice with Bush they aren't very smart birds and they've done it again!  Schools get an F for teaching the principles of citizenship!  Parents LET them...and NOW we all get what we deserve! 

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