Dec 19, 2010

Apply Don't Ask, Don't Tell to Marijuana Possession!

These reader comments on Tee's thread are just too good to bury.  I'm for getting the feds out of this debate.  None of their business.

Byron said... Before Alcoholics Anonymous & before the War on Drugs, marijuana was used to treat alcoholism, as well as anxiety & depression. Psychotherapy is real, its Pharmacology that's the racket, pretending that damaged people just have a chemical imbalance. What most people seeking help from the mental health community really need is a competent social worker.
12/18/10 9:37 AM

end the tyranny said...Before the end of our lifetime studies will show that cannabis can indeed cure cancer. Big pharma will fight to the death to keep us from growing our own medicine.
12/18/10 9:38 AM
chuck said...TONY'S PSYCHIATRIST: "Tony, you are going crazy." TONY: I think I'd like a second opinion." TONY'S PSYCHIATRIST: "Ok, your ugly too."
12/18/10 9:46 AM
AnonymousAnonymous said...Wasting away in front of a TV set watching Survivor smoking what is probably fake or imitation drugs lol oh man this country's lost it.
12/18/10 10:04 AM
AnonymousAnonymous said.."I'd have no hesitation of giving a youngster with ADHD a trial of oral marijuana," said Lester Grinspoon, emeritus professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the author of "Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine." "For some kids, it appears to be more effective than traditional treatments. And marijuana certainly has fewer potential dangers than Ritalin." According to the National Institute of Mental Health, children with ADHD show a variety of hyperactive symptoms, including difficulty concentrating or following directions, being easily distracted and increased hyperactivity or fidgeting. Roughly 4.5 million American children have been diagnosed with ADHD, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, but scientists are unsure what causes the condition. "My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6," a Grass Valley, Calif., woman who wished to remain anonymous told Sphere. "He was hyperactive and had trouble in school, but we didn't want to put him on Ritalin. Too many side effects. When he got to high school, I suddenly noticed that he'd calmed and could concentrate. I couldn't figure it out. Then he told me that he'd started smoking pot." Now 28, her son still smokes pot, the woman says, and has very little problem with his ADHD.
12/18/10 12:56 PM
Soo too bad California didn't pass it.  Maybe the legal industry needs it to keep us birds lined up like ducks.  Should have been legalized for SOOO many reasons.

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