Nov 19, 2010

Waters trial delayed: "House Ethics" is an oxymoron.

Waters accuses Ethics of having weak case after calling off her trial

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) accused the ethics committee of having a weak case that is unraveling after the panel abruptly cancelled her upcoming public trial. 

“The committee’s decision to cancel the hearing and put it off indefinitely demonstrates that the committee does not have a strong case and would not be able to prove any violation has occurred,” she said in a lengthy statement Friday reacting to the announcement. 

She also said she was disappointed the committee once again postponed the hearing and said it showed “a complete disregard for due process and fairness.”

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Rman Comment:

Given that we have the best Congress money can buy, MILLIONS being spent— some of it under the table— by business to "contribute" (bribe) congressmen for sweetheart votes… what a bunch of … of… HYPOCRISY for nailing a couple house members for LITTLE stuff.

"House Ethics" is an oxymoron. They want to nail everyone who commits ethical violations? Why not just read the House and Senate Members ROLLCALL????

Rangel and Waters are just sacrificial lambs. And Clinton for a little deal with Lewinsky. How about some campaign reform???? Lets vote NO again in two years, and throw em ALL out! Both Parties. Hose the place down.
BY radiomankc on 11/19/2010 at 18:44
True enough.  And a good idea to comment about national issues on national sites like this one.

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